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Rawad Aboturabah

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I'm a Pro barista, passionate about crafting top-notch coffee and espresso drinks with exquisite latte art. I excel in managing coffee shop operations, infusing creativity and modern flair into beverage presentation. With a strong social media presence, I connect with thousands of followers, sharing my expertise and inspiration. While my academic background is in hospitality and hotel management, my true passion lies in the world of coffee, where I continuously hone my skills and share my knowledge through teaching opportunities.

<b>Rawad</b> Aboturabah
  • 6 + Years of Experience
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Pro Barista

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I am inABU DHABI / UAE ✈️
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Professional Skills

my Coffee Talent
influencer #coffee_lovers

I'm producing daily videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. With a combined following of over +35K enthusiastic coffee lovers across these platforms, I share captivating content showcasing the artistry of coffee making, from brewing techniques to latte art mastery.

Drawing #Latte_Art

With precise strokes and techniques, I transform foam into beautiful drawings to make the customer's cup of coffee exciting to photograph and share with others, and I create stunning artistic masterpieces on top of espresso drinks.

Customer Care, Serving Smiles

As a dedicated barista, I prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring every patron receives a memorable experience with each sip. From warmly greeting guests to attentively listening to their preferences, I excel in creating a welcoming atmosphere where customers feel valued and appreciated.

Educating Staff = Happy client

Through effective leadership and continuous education, I empower my team to embody our café's values, ensuring every interaction leaves a positive impact. By instilling a culture of passion and expertise, we not only meet but exceed customer expectations, creating loyal patrons and driving business success.

Multi-Coffee Preparations

I immerse myself in the nuances of each technique, from pour-over to cold brew, espresso to French café. With each brew, I seek to elevate the coffee experience, exploring new flavors and perfecting the art of extraction.

Art of Drink Flavorful Creations

With a knack for flavor combinations and a passion for experimentation, I thrive on inventing tantalizing new beverages that captivate taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Whether it's reinventing classics or dreaming up entirely original concoctions, I take pride in pushing the boundaries of mixology to create unforgettable experiences for every sip.



my Story
Head Barista @MILK & TEA Coffee 🇹🇳
Head Barista & Manager
2019 - 2024

As the Head Barista at MILK & TEA Coffee Shop in Ennasr, Tunisia,

I orchestrated a symphony of flavors and experiences. Beyond brewing coffee, I infused creativity into every cup, delighting patrons with intricate decorations and mesmerizing presentations.


My role extended beyond the espresso machine—I managed daily operations with finesse, ensuring seamless shifts and well-stocked shelves. Customer satisfaction was paramount, and I greeted each guest warmly, turning challenges into opportunities for connection and growth.

At MILK & TEA, I didn't just serve coffee; I crafted experiences, fostered community, and left a lasting impression on all who walked through our doors.

Barista trainer @Avat Academy 🇹🇳
Coffee preparation techniques trainer
2022 - 2024

During my weekends or vacations, I dedicated my time to mentoring and educating youth at Avat Academy, where I served as a teacher and coach. Through 30-hour courses, I imparted knowledge and practical skills in the art of barista techniques, coffee preparation, and cafe enhancement. My passion for coffee culture fueled engaging lessons aimed at empowering aspiring baristas and cafe owners to excel in their craft. This experience allowed me to share my expertise and inspire the next generation of coffee enthusiasts.

Cocktail Maker @Bon Goût 🇹🇳
Juice and cocktail maker
2022 - 2023

During my free time and weekends, I dedicated myself to crafting delightful juices and cocktails at Bon Goût Sweets Shop, a renowned pastry shop in Tunisia. Despite working part-time, my passion for mixology shone brightly as I concocted beautiful cocktails and devised new juice creations. Bon Goût supplies sweets and snacks to cafes across Tunisia, and my contributions added a refreshing and innovative touch to their offerings. This experience allowed me to express my creativity and share my love for crafting delicious beverages with others.

Barista @La Coupole Coffee 🇹🇳

At La Coupole Coffee in Tunisia, I thrived as a versatile barista, expertly preparing and serving not only coffee but also cocktails and smoothies to our valued customers each day. What made this café experience truly exceptional was the proactive approach of the management in consistently training and introducing new techniques to the staff. This environment provided me with invaluable opportunities to refine and enhance my skills, ultimately contributing to my growth and proficiency in the art of beverage preparation.

Barista @Barcelone Coffee 🇹🇳

I worked as a barista at Barcelone Coffee Ennsr 2, a Tunisian café. Daily, I prepared and served tea and coffee, infusing each cup with the authentic flavors and warmth of Tunisian hospitality.

Barista @DamaRoss Hotel 🇸🇾
Barista & Sweets chef

In a hotel in Damascus, Syria, I served as a skilled barista, delighting customers daily with a diverse array of beverages, including coffee, cocktails, and juices. Working in this café was an enriching experience as it provided ample opportunities to hone my hospitality skills through extensive training. I greatly refined my abilities during my time here, mastering the art of beverage preparation and customer service.

Essential food saftey certificate "EFST" 2024 🇦🇪
Agriculture and Food safety authority Abo Dhabi, UAE



Photographer's & Marketing Certificate 🇹🇳
Swido Prod
2019 - 2020

I hold a Photographer's Certificate of Experience, showcasing my expertise in photography, videography, video montage creation, and marketing. With this certification, I have demonstrated proficiency in capturing captivating visuals, creating engaging video content, and effectively promoting them through strategic marketing strategies.

HR Administration Course Completion 🇸🇾
2017 - 2018

I completed a focused course in HR Administration, This program covered employee performance evaluation, and HR administration essentials like performance evaluation.

Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management 🇸🇾
The Faculty of Tourism Damascus University, Syria
2015 - 2018

I studied Hospitality Management at the Faculty of Tourism, Damascus University, Syria, focusing on front desk reception, hotel crewing, and hotel supplies management. My coursework also covered administration and financial assistance, providing a well-rounded education in dynamic world of hospitality.


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